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Bluestone Physician Services provides on-site primary care specifically for geriatric patients in senior living communities. It’s unique model of care creates a team-based approach to truly focus on comprehensive care for patients residing in assisted living.

In partnership with SeaCoast Health Systems our dedicated physician and nurse practitioner believe that a close collaboration with the community staff, families and other care team members is the best way to deliver customized, quality health care. Bluestone patients benefit from regularly scheduled, proactive care for their chronic conditions, including dementia. Bluestone patients can also receive assistance from our behavioral health care managers and our post-acute care managers to provide an integrated approach to improve patients’ quality of life.

Creating practical, effective solutions to meet the unique needs of medical and mental healthcare centers is Quantum Practice Management’s core mission. From handling the day-­to-­day demands of comprehensive accounts receivable and revenue management to a customized package of services, Quantum Practice Management is committed to providing unsurpassed value and quality to our clients as a partner in achieving their goals.

Established in 2001, Quantum Practice Management was founded on the recognition that medical care provider face a highly complex array of needs and issues that must be successfully managed behind the scenes in order to provide high quality care that is responsive to the needs of the community. Quantum is comprised of a team of Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Specialists focused on providing solutions for daily operations that foster accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness. Our focus on accounts receivable and reimbursement details allows our clients to focus on patient care and business growth.

Our partnership with SeaCoast Health Systems has been fostered by mutual confidence and trust. We share a common goal of establishing efficient and effective workflows between our organizations that benefit us all by producing consistent performance and successful results.

Brick Media is a marketing agency based in downtown Tampa. They work with 20+ regional and national companies to help them create and maintain a contemporary marketing presence that fits the modern day consumer’s needs. They offer social media, media planning and execution, and web design. Led by their CEO Jake Kurtz, they’ve more than doubled their business since 2019.

The Brick team handles our website, social media, search engine presence, and all other externally-facing marketing. Brick Media loves working with SeaCoast because they believe in our mission and leadership, and they have expertise in similar industries. They help our brand get discovered by more of our audience, and are a key driver of our growth.

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