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What is Skilled Nursing?

Skilled nursing is a senior living residence for people who need either long-term care or rehabilitation services. These communities provide all of the personal care and services of an assisted living with the addition of 24-hour nursing care. Skilled nursing and rehabilitation services are also provided in most nursing centers. This higher level of more complex medical care is typically for patients who have had an injury, acute illness or a surgery. This level of care requires the services of a licensed nurse and often times physical, occupational or speech therapy. These patients usually require more frequent, intensive treatment and/or therapy services, sometimes 6-7 days a week.

Long-term care is for seniors who need around the clock nursing care. These residents need help not only with basic activities of daily living but need the supervision of staff to maintain their safety and well-being. This tends to be a senior’s last stop in the aging process.

In a short-term rehabilitation stay, insurance will pay for a resident’s stay, given they meet the requirements by their insurance in order to be admitted to a skilled nursing center. The center themselves are responsible for running a potential resident’s insurance to determine their eligibility for admission.

In a long-term setting, state Medicaid waivers are typically the most common payer source, with private, out-of-pocket funds being the second-most form of payment.

How we approach Skilled Nursing

Knowledge of the industry is our key difference. Our team consists of a Nursing Home Administrator and a former Community Liaison who have managed several large skilled nursing communities. We are also experts at converting struggling buildings to very successful, money-generating communities.

Our team has been responsible for managing doctors and case managers within the hospital setting and building trust in them to send their patients to the building in which we worked in. We has also managed a team responsible for recruiting and admitting potential skilled nursing residents.

Together, our team knows all skilled nursing regulations, admissions processes, insurance verifications, and proper protocols in order to run a prosperous and highly-effective skilled nursing community. We also possess extensive referral sources and connections within the skilled nursing community that allow for continues referrals.

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